Monday, December 17, 2007

Disturbing sacrifice

I was very deeply disturbed by this news and the clips on TV news.
Ultimately the sacrifice of a mother has gone waste, because the children were not in a position to receive the donated eyes.
My idea of publishing is to prevent others from doing such foolish things; also, if the medical world can help the deserted boys this blog's purpose would be served.

Now, read on the news article from "The Hindu"

Ends life to give vision to her children

CHENNAI, MARCH 19. In a bid to help her children get vision, a 36-year-old woman, allegedly committed suicide in her house at Kodungaiyur, on Friday.
According to C.Sylendra Babu, Joint Commssioner of Police, North, Tamizh Selvi's two sons — Kumaran (17) and Mohan Kumar (15) — are visually impaired. A few months ago, the woman pledged her eyes with Sankara Nethralaya.
Before hanging herself, she wrote a note that she had pledged her eyes for her sons.
The police informed Sankara Nethralaya authorities and the eyes were removed, Mr. Babu said.

The news that the eyes could not be used was subsequently published by other papers.

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